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24/11/2013 07:54  OÜ Head co-operated with AS Eesti Gaas to work out the business plan for developing natural gas filling stations in Estonia
We know by experience that a truly excellent business plan can be made in the co-operation of the consultant and the client, but never by the consultant alone. The consultant can take the role of leading the process as well as help to finalize vision, goals and business plan. But it is the client's team who should agree on the best actual strategies and tactics to achieve the goals and commit to following their business plan. 

This year we had a possibility to co-operate with AS Eesti Gaas to work out the new business plan for developing natural gas filling stations in Estonia. Natural gas filling station is intended for natural gas vehicles (NGV) vehicles utilising CNG (compressed natural gas) as their motor fuel. The prepared business plan in itself is the client's business secret, but we can state that CNG is a very environmentally friendly alternative for the internal combustion engine fuel. Especially as all NGV vehicles can alternatively also use biogas. We are truly happy that we had a unique posibility to combine our skills related to business planning, spatial planning and environment.

You are welcome to find out more about our business planning services and about AS Eesti Gaas existing CNG stations network.

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